About us

We are students at ETH Zurich who are enthusiastic about breathwork and meditation, and well-being in general. We have already conducted many workshops in ETH under different organizations. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Ankit Jain (ankit.jain [@] chem.ethz.ch), PhD student, ETH Zurich

Ranit Monga ( monga [@] ifd.mavt.ethz.ch), PhD student, ETH Zurich

Shweta Sabu, MSc. student, ETH Zurich

Indranil Basu ( indranil.basu [@] mat.ethz.ch), Post-doc, ETH Zurich

In the past, we have organized following workshops at ETH:

Duration: 7th April and 7th May
Duration: 15 July – 30 September
When: Monday, 15th July 2019
Where: ETH Zurich
Time: 18:30 – 20:30 pm

Forcing the mind to relax or have positive feelings simply doesn’t work! In fact, it usually leads to the exact opposite thing! Is there a way to make the mind listen to you?

The workshop offers effective techniques combining breathing and meditation that can bring greater work – life balance, more clarity in the mind and reduced stress levels.